Easy Tech Hacks

Find out quick and easy tech hacks are part of everyone’s daily life now. People love using technology to reduce the workload they have. We always see so many criticisms about how technology impacts our life these days. Do you think we can get rid of technology from our life? I don’t think so. We can only if live in the desert, forest, or on an island.

These easy tech hacks improve the quality of our life and reduce the time to complete those tasks.

1. Text Expander extension

If you are a person who does type so many words in daily life on your computer, this is the best app you can use to reduce the time to type the same words or sentences every day. In-text expander app you can add words or even sentences and create shortcuts to the text for easy use.

2. Use Google as a Timer

If you are in a hurry to set a timer, you don’t need a timer app or mobile. just type ” set timer ” on your google search and the timer window comes up and you can add time easily. Once the time is up, you can hear a beep sound from the computer speaker. So simple and easy.

3. Download YouTube videos quickly

If you want to download YouTube videos from the internet, you don’t need to search for YouTube video websites. Just add “ss” to the URL between www. and YouTube

For example, www.ssyoutube.com/watchvideourl

4. Stop Ads while playing games on a mobile phone

If you are a gamer and ads keep giving you trouble while playing gaming on a mobile, just put your phone on Airplane mode and that will stop ads because ads are coming from the internet directly.

5. Easy to use Notepad while browsing

If you want to copy and paste web content to Microsoft Word or any program, it will copy all content with the same font/format as well. But if you are using an online editor like aNoteapad.com it will eliminate all formats and copy them in a blank format.

6. Use Incognito mode for lower Hotel & Airplane tickets

If you are using a google chrome browser, then it is always advised to use Incognito mode while searching for hotels, car rentals, and flight tickets otherwise these websites can track what you are browsing, and your prices will go up each time you visit. Please follow these instructions to open Incognito mode.

7. Reveal Passwords Behind Asterisks

There is a quick way to reveal hidden passwords on your browser. Please follow the steps from here to show a password that has been saved on your browser, but you cannot see it.

8. How to reopen an accidentally closed tab quickly?

On your Mac, you can press down command + shift + T keys together to re-open any closed tab. On Windows PC or laptop, you can press down the same command + shift + T keys together to re-open the last closed tab.

9. Convert an old phone to Dash Camera for your car.

Just place your phone on your car dash using any phone holder depending on your phone and car. then download any apps like Dash Cam and use them while driving. So simple and easy. you save a few hundred bucks.

10. Do you want to charge your iPhone faster?

Just put your iPhone into airplane mode and charge it, and your phone becomes charged fast. This trick works better when your phone charge is too low.

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