How to Reset Your Windows Password From Login or Locked Screen

How to Reset Your Windows Password From Login or Locked Screen?

Do you remember those pesky math problems you did in school, where you had to figure out how many apples Johnny had left if he gave two to Susie? Well, resetting...

The Ultimate Guide: How to Remove Devices from Your Wi-Fi Network

Welcome aboard! We're about to embark on a journey through the digital seas, navigating the sometimes choppy waters of Wi-Fi networks. Our destination? A more secure, organized, and efficient network courtesy...
vcf format to csv format

How to Convert .vcf file to .csv file format?

What is .vcf format? If you download a contact list from any Apple device, the standard format we can download is .vcf format only. When you try to upload a .vcf...
How to take Screenshot on Mac?

How to take screenshot on mac? The easiest way.

There are different ways to take a screenshot on a Macbook or iMac. Understandably, It is much clear if you provide a screenshot also with a question or answer for the...

How to check if your AirPods are generation 3?

Before you buy the Airpods 3, make sure the model number is MME73AM for USA & Canada. Check out Amazon Deal

How to add email to Gmail App on iPhone/iPad (All models)?

Please follow the below steps to add a Gmail account to Gmail App on iPhone. Open Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad. If there is an account added already, tap on your...

How to add email to iPhone (All models)?

Please follow the below steps to add a Gmail account to iPhone Mail App. Go to iPhone settings Scroll down and select Mail Select Accounts Select Add account Select Google Select Continue Enter your Gmail account or...

How to delete email account from iPhone?

Looking to understand How to Delete an Email Account from Your iPhone? Our comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide provides all the details you need, perfect for even a young user! Whether it's an...

How to disable Trackpad on Macbook?

Are you the person who accidentally touch the trackpad or put chips on your Trackpad? then this guide is for you to disable the Trackpad and enjoy the chips while watching...

Emails not reaching my inbox

How to recover the missing emails in Gmail? Sometimes you cannot find important emails that your client sends to you. There is always a chance that these emails are not reached Inbox...