vcf format to csv format

What is .vcf format?
If you download a contact list from any Apple device, the standard format we can download is .vcf format only. When you try to upload a .vcf format file to any CRM or google contacts it will get rejected because of the .vcf unsupported format. In order to get it to work, you have to convert the format to .csv file format which is widely accepted in the CRM platforms and Google.

Method 1:

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your MacBook or PC, you can open the .vcf in the Microsoft Excel application and save it as a .csv file.

In Microsoft Excel,

1. Open File > go to Open, and select All Files. 

2.  Then Locate your file and select it. 

3. Then, follow the steps along with the Text Import Wizard, make sure to select Coma separation always and your .vcf file will display in Excel.

Once you review it, you can convert it to .csv file by going to File > Save as and selecting .csv file format. 

Convert .vcf file to .csv file

Method 2:

If you don’t have ​Microsoft Excel on your computer, you can convert it by uploading it to Google sheets and then saving it as .CSV file.

Method 3:

The best and easiest way to convert .vcf to .csv file format is to use third-party online tools like below to convert. 

I tested a sample .vcf on this website and it is working fine. 

1. You can go to 

2. Select Choose files and upload file to the website. 
3. Select Convert now

4. Click on the output file to download the converted file as .csv file to your computer. 

Now you can use the .csv file for the Apple contact list.